AB Agri

AB Agri is a fast paced, ever-expanding global business, the agricultural division of the ABF Group.

Trying to breed consistent culture and DNA in a company such as this is no easy task and that was the challenge in a nutshell. 10 years on from creating their brandmark the most recent project was to bring their values and vision to life through a visual brand expression.

Client: AB Agri
Website: abagri.com
AB Agri Brandmark

AB Agri have a rich history in this country and globally, creating a visual representation of this would flow throughout the business and join everything up.

Taking inspiration from the lines in the brand mark, which originally represented the business divisions, the brand was brought to life with the idea of creating a continuous line joining everything together. Brand guidelines were revisited bringing everything to life from there, demonstrating the visual representation of the one company culture.

The relationship with AB Agri has spanned over 11 years, recent work with the Group Head of Brand & Communications, and internal teams, has focussed on developing their CSR policy and employee recognition schemes right through to physically running the brand DNA through their shiny new building and employee café.

“I owe a huge amount to the 10 Associates team. You have all enabled me, over the years, to really deliver in all my roles. Every single thing that the team creates for us is first class. I never feel I give you very robust briefs but still, each time, you guys manage to exceed my expectations and deliver something that is exceptional. You’re creativity and sheer class shine through each and every time. You’re an unbelievable talented bunch of people and there is no way I’d be where I am without you.”

Rachel Larder, Group Head of Brand & Communications, AB Agri




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