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Ongoing worldwide research is consistently proving that stem cells will be a cornerstone of medical treatments in the future. Already, literally thousands of stem cell therapies for a host of dangerous and life-threatening conditions have already been successfully performed, and specialists agree that many newly discovered treatments are just around the corner.

In terms of safeguarding our families by enhancing, prolonging or even saving people’s lives, this is very good news. The list of conditions that stem cell therapy can help to alleviate or cure is so broad that it could potentially benefit many millions of people in the UK alone: from victims of accidents to those born with illnesses they’ve inherited in their genes.

BioEden are a UK team that has been right at the very heart of the science surrounding the extraction and storage of tooth stem cells. Working within strict scientific codes of practice, and in collaboration with world-renowned organisations, they have developed a unique and patented procedure to help families take advantage of this cutting-edge medical science. BioEden are the world’s first and only biobank capable of collecting, assessing and cryogenically storing living stem cells taken from teeth.

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