Company Shop Group

Company Shop had been specialists at redistributing surplus food for five decades having pioneering thinking in the sector.

Handling over 70 million products in 2018 alone, they bring financial, social and environmental benefits to their partners, while protecting the brands they work with.

The business operated not only to source and process surplus stock but also as a retail brand to its member only customer base. Donating your surplus stock is a brilliant way for businesses to reduce their waste disposal costs, deliver on a Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and support local communities all over the UK.

Client: Company Shop Group
CSG Group Structure

The award winning social enterprise Community Shop also offers a lifeline for people who are struggling to feed their families. Being much more than a store, the community hub is where people can meet, eat and get involved in self-development programmes that build stronger individuals and more confident communities. It was agreed that greater clarity was required, when communicating the business structure, in order to maximise B2B opportunities.

A group restructure meant that B2B facing Company Shop Group was introduced, Company Shop stores and Community Shop sitting under this to service the retail and social enterprise aspects of the business.


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