In order for Snuggledown to maintain growth projections and targets to secure their future, they identified that they needed a refresh of their look and feel, and clarification on the brand positioning.

Consumer insight also suggested that there was confusion over the links with Norway – was this a Norwegian brand? And why did it matter? What were the advantages? We had to clarify the brand story and provide a clear packaging platform for the ranges to sit within the new brand story.

Client: Snuggledown
Snuggledown brandmark

The project

Clarity of message is essential to building a brand story, but so is emotion. We make sales decisions based on how brands make us feel, and so part of this remit was to build emotion into the Snuggledown purchase.

‘Live. Love. Sleep’ emphasises the importance a good night’s sleep has over our wellbeing. In the year of ‘mindfulness’ and getting the most from life, this message held real value in the hearts of consumers. Combined with using beautifully aspirational lifestyle photography, we were able to create real stand out in the marketplace.

Snuggledown live love sleep
Snuggledown positioning
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Snuggledown colour palette
Snuggledown duvet packaging

With consumers increasingly demanding brand stories as reasons to buy, retailers look for manufacturers with real substance behind the brand message.

The solution enabled Snuggledown to satisfy this consumer need, and provide clear POS and brand message materials to back up the Snuggledown brand essence. Proved as a success, with increased listings with retailers of their core range, building strong brand equity for Snuggledown and securing their future.


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